Height. 15 cm (10 “) 

A plump bird, long black pointed bill, large head with short neck, short stiff tail and short legs.



Has blue-grey upper parts,  buff under parts chestnut on flanks with a broad black stripe running through its eyes to back of head. Rather elusive. At time very vocal with a call of a loud “tuit,tuit” with a “pee,pee” thrill which is commonly heard in spring. found in deciduous woodlands/mature woods, mature parklands.  Moves up and down trees ( will desend head first) also on the underside of thin branches  feeding on insects. Feeds mainly on insects in Autumn and Winter eats nuts and seeds. It gets its name due to the bird wedging a nut in the crevice in the bark and hammering it open with its powerful beak. A non migratory bird in winter a resident pair will defend territory

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